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     Minerals and bacteria can enter your household water through the ground aquifer or the well itself. Many of these contaminants can end up trapped in your home's water conditioning system and in most cases, cannot be completely removed through normal system regeneration.

    Now you can enjoy clean softened water throughout your house thanks to an advanced lone of self-sanitizing water treatment systems. These systems are ideal for all households using well water. These conditioners raise the water's pH, provide comprehensive softening, plus removes high amounts of iron and manganese, all in a single process. At the same time, the entire system disinfects itself automatically with every regeneration.

   For homeowners who use well water, this type of water conditioning system kills naturally occurring bacteria that corrode pipes, without dangerous chemicals. These systems convert chloride from salt into chlorine gas that quickly dissolves in water. A special medium that acts as both a water filter and softener traps iron, manganese, and calcium - minerals that harden water - while also securing chlorine ions so that the purified water is chlorine free.

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